We have PAK Pride!

We are Prepared, Aware, and Kind!

Thank you for your continued support of the Auburn Public Schools!
We look forward to working together to educate and prepare your children for the future!

Contact Information:


Jennifer Stanick, Principal

508-832-7788 ext. 211


Diane Meunier, Secretary

508-832-7788 ext. 210


Carrie Cashman, Nurse

508-832-7788 ext. 213


Kristie Deyoe, Guidance

508-832-7788 ext. 215

Welcome to PAK!
Welcome to Pakachoag Elementary School, a primary school that serves approximately 300 students in preschool through grade two. It is our goal to meet the academic, social, physical, and emotional needs of each child on a daily basis. We teach safety, respect, and responsibility in all aspects of our Pakachoag community. 

Meet our Mascot: TAKODA

Takoda is a Native American name which means friend to all!
Pakachoag Elementary School offers a before and after school program. Please contact the Central Office @ 508-832-7755 if you would like further information. Mrs. Gaboriault is the lead teacher for the Satellite Morning Program. Ms. Grossman is the lead teacher for the Satellite Afternoon Program. Mrs. Jugovic is the lead teacher for the Little Rockets Preschool Satellite Morning Program. Miss Kennedy is the lead teacher for the Little Rockets Preschool Satellite Afternoon Program.
If you need to contact the PAK Satellite program directly the phone number is 508-832-7788 ext. 6114.

110 Pakachoag Street, Auburn, MA 01501
Phone: 508-832-7788
Fax: 508-832-7787