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Auburn Public Schools Announces Completion of Its Strategic Plan


In October of 2013, work on the creation of a new Strategic Plan for the Auburn Public Schools was begun by the Design Team.  On November 16, 2013, nearly 120 school and community representatives participated in the World Café event, generating important ideas about how to ensure that the Auburn Public Schools continues to meet our students’ needs.  Throughout the winter and early spring of this year, the Planning Team worked to create the Strategic Plan for the Auburn Public Schools and on behalf of all participating members, I am pleased to share it with you.

As a Planning Team, we discussed how best to share this important information with the community and determined that three documents should be created: 

  • one-page document that highlights the five overarching goals, along with major initiatives for each.  It was the belief of the Planning Team that this document should be widely published and made available for all members of the Auburn community as a summary of our work and plans;
  • Tier II document that provides more detail about the strategic planning process, as well as the overarching goals, major initiatives and recognition of all contributing team members; and
  • an action planning document that details the specific timelines and activities that will be undertaken as we work together to accomplish each of the initiatives and overarching goals.

In reviewing through these documents, you should find that the discussions from the nearly 120 school and community representatives on  November 16th have been appropriately represented within the 5 overarching goals of Teaching and Learning; Technology; Community Partnerships; Health, Wellness & Safety; and Transitions, as well as throughout the initiatives and action steps.

I am extremely proud of what has been created, most especially because it reflects the input and commitment of the entire school and Auburn community...THANK YOU!!

Below are links to the three documents.  We welcome your feedback and please know that it is our intention to update the action planning document on a quarterly basis as work is accomplished.


Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the Auburn Public Schools.


Yours in Education,

Maryellen Brunelle

Superintendent of Schools

Strategic Plan Updated April 2017

Stragetic Plan Updated 11/9/16

Strategic Plan updated 5/18/16

Strategic Plan Updated 11/10/2015 

Strategic Plan: one page document

Stragtegic Plan: Tier II document

Strategic Plan: Action Planning Document 

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