Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum 

Message from the Assistant Superintendent for
Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

The Auburn Public School District is committed to providing all of our students with a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that ensures that all will graduate with the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace and/or higher education of the twenty-first century. Through this site we aim to support both teachers and families. This site provides a range of curriculum support and professional learning resources that span K-12. We believe that quality support and information leads to enhanced education for all of our students.    

I invite you to take time to explore the site and, if you wish, to provide feedback on it. With such feedback we can maintain and improve our supports to staff and families.  

Kathy Lauzé
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum  

Curriculum Updates 

Science Curriculum Committee

This committee is comprised of teacher representatives from grades K-12 and will work throughout the 2014-2015 school year to write district curriculum documents. These documents will be posted on the website when completed.

Fine Arts Curriculum Committee

The Fine Arts Curriculum Committee consists of all music and art teachers K-12.  This committee is presently working to create aligned curriculum documents. This committee will continue this work throughout the remainder of the school year.

English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum Committee

This newly formed committee consists of teacher representatives from grades K-12 as well as the elementary reading specialists, the high school English department head, and administrators.  Initially, this committee has been working to align subsections of the ELA curriculum such as handwriting, summer reading, and a uniform research process for students K-12.  This committee has also begun exploring the newly drafted ELA Common Standards and will work towards creating a document that aligns Auburn's curriculum with the state's frameworks.

Physical Education Curriculum Committee

The Physical Education Curriculum Committee consists of all physical education teachers K-12.  This committee is in the final stages of writing aligned curriculum documents which will be posted on this website when completed.

Math Curriculum Committee

The Math Curriculum Committee has updated curriculum documents using the newly adopted Common Core and an Understanding by Design format for grades K-12.  In addition, the committee has created common pre and post tests for each grade and course.