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What is Schoology?

Schoology is a Learning Managment Systems (LMS), or online program that allows teacher to organize and distribute classroom materials to students.  Auburn uses Schoology to allow our teacher to develop online classrooms to compliment their traditional classrooms.  Teachers can build an online classroom that distributes learning materials, online discussions, and assessments that allow students to complete and submit work directly within Schoology.  Schoology allows our teachers to extend learning to outside of traditional school hours to ensure students not only have access to learning materials, but also the online tools that will allow them to become a successful 21st Century student.

Who can access Schoology?

Schoology is provided to all staff and students in the Auburn Public School District through a direct connection with our PowerSchool student information system.  Students and staff are assigned the appropriate Schoology access to align directly with school schedule.  This assignment happens automatically and occurs when the scheduling process is finalized or at the time of schedule changes.  

Parents are not granted access to Schoology through PowerSchool.  Access for parents is determined by the classroom teacher.  Teachers are the administrators of their Schoology classes and have the option to provide access codes to parents to allow them to access a Schoology class.  Each class has a unique access code and each code must be obtained directly from that classroom teacher in order to allow parents to access the classroom.  The district does not have a policy that requires teachers to provide parental access to Schoology, access is at the discretion of the teacher.

How to create parent accounts in Schoology

Parents that have received an access code from a teacher will need to create a Schoology account prior to accessing the class.  Parents can create an account by visiting and clicking the sign up button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Select parent fromt he drop down screen and complete the form.  The following video will provide you with the instructions you need to create your account.

Schoology Parent Overview from Schoology on Vimeo.

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