Payment Procedures

Prepaid Procedure

Because each student has an individual account in our POS system, parents may send in a check or cash to deposit in their child’s account. As a student eats each day, the computer automatically deducts one lunch payment from their account. The computer will only deduct one meal a day and if a student were to purchase anything else, it is done on an a la carte basis. You may send prepayment money into each school with your child or send payments to the Food Service Office at 5 West Street, Auburn, MA 01501. We are also able to split a check between siblings within the system if prepayment is sent to our main office.

On-Line Payment  

Parents will be able to view their students’ accounts and make payments through PayPal.  Set up your account or make payments online at:

Charging Procedure

Because our system allows prepayments, it also allows students to go through the cafeteria line and purchase items without money. The computer then charges that student’s account for a meal or the items that were purchased a la carte.

We discourage charging and at the high school level as we have had a great deal of abuse of this benefit.   There will be no charging at the high school this year.

We do allow students to take up to three meals and at that time, if no payment is received, we do offer a basic lunch to them if there is a negative balance (money owed to us) in their account. A basic meal would be a peanut butter sandwich and milk or cheese sandwich if a child has an allergy.