Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment in Auburn Public Schools.

Please visit SchoolSpring and input your desired search criteria to find current openings. You can also choose to simply input the Auburn, MA zip code (01501) to see a complete list of all of our current openings.

Substitute Teachers and Support Staff 

Substitute teachers are valued and appreciated in Auburn Public Schools as we recognize their vital role in ensuring instruction continues when a teacher cannot be with his or her class.  We are continuously seeking candidates with an Associate or Bachelor degree to apply to be a substitute teacher or support staff working with our students.  The process begins with your online application and should we find your qualifications are a match, you will be contacted for an interview. 

If you are interested in being a substitute in the Auburn Public Schools please apply online via SchoolSpring.

2023-2024 Substitute Teacher and Support Staff Rates

Role Daily Rate

Day to Day


Day to Day Certified


Retired Certified District Teacher


Long Term Rate (11 to 29  consecutive days, same assignment)

Long Term Rate (31-90 consecutive days, same assignment)

Long Term Rate 91 consecutive days or more



B.A. Step 1

Instructional Assistant


$100.00/day ($15.38/hour)

$110.00/day ($15.71/hour)