Health Services

Our mission as the nursing team in the Auburn Public School District is to promote the safety and well-being of the population we serve. Our nurses are trained Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses, depending on their role, and all of them are dedicated to our Auburn community.

“School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement and health of students” (American Academy of Pediatrics). 

The nurses across our district provide care for our 2,500 students as needed, ranging from basic first aid to medically complex nursing interventions. They play a large role in supporting the coordination of care between families, health care team members, and the educational environment. School nurses are integral to our school community, especially in light of many major medical, societal, and legal changes influencing our world today. 

School Nurses:

  • Provide nursing assessment and care for students who are ill or injured, or have chronic medical conditions
  • Act as a liaison between students, families, and health care teams to appropriately identify, support, and manage student medical needs
  • Develop individual health care plans in collaboration with students, families, and physicians for students with asthma, diabetes, life-threatening allergies, seizures, and other chronic and acute health issues
  • Conduct state-mandated annual vision, hearing, postural, and BMI screenings and refer students for further evaluation as necessary
  • Review physical exams and immunizations as required by state law
  • Coordinate health information for students participating in school-sponsored activities
  • Communicate with the school community regarding urgent health issues and changes in state laws affecting health in the schools
  • Compile data and submit reports to the district and state department of public health 
  • Educate students individually and in the classroom on a variety of topics, often including infection control, hygiene, nutrition, and dental health
  • Participate in special education planning and meetings, such as 504 and IEP plans as appropriate 
  • Provide information on health care resources to families 
  • Consult with school physicians on school-wide health issues
  • Work collaboratively with other town organizations, such as the Board of Health, to provide updates and plan community health events

Thank you for your support of our Auburn School Nurses!