Q: Can the school nurse apply sunscreen to my child?

A: The nurse can, but with a doctor’s order and with parent-supplied sunscreen. The same rules for medication administration as outlined above would apply (whether over the counter or prescription medicines).

Q: My child has medical treatments, not just medication, that needs to be done during the school day. Can the school nurse help with this?

A: Yes! School nurses are able to provide all types of services at school, such as tube feedings and diabetes management. However, if your student has a specific health care plan outlined by a doctor, the school nurse would need this in writing, same as a medication order. We would recommend reaching out to the school nurse to discuss this more at length.

Q: Can the school nurse administer controlled substances, such as stimulants? What about herbal supplements?

A: The nurses in schools are able to administer any FDA approved medication per state law. Medications or supplements that are not FDA regulated cannot be administered in the school setting. Controlled medications, such as stimulants, are kept in a locked medication cabinet in the nurse's office, and are double locked at the end of the day behind a locked door. All controlled medications should be counted at drop off with the parent/guardian and nurse receiving the medication.