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You are invited to join us for Breakfast at School

Breakfast is served at all schools and you may bring your breakfast to the classroom. Break Bags offer shelf stable menu options including milk and yogurt.  Students often utilize the Break Bag for extra nutrition throughout the day, whether for morning snack for our younger students or whether older students for extra nutrition throughout the day and after school sports or while studying. Breakfast gives learning a boost!  Start your day with the power it needs and deserves.  We want all students to pick up a Break Bag or Breakfast every day!   Please join us for Breakfast. FREE!!  ALL students are welcome!!    District Break Bag and Breakfast Menu

Why Breakfast at School

When students start the day with a nutritious breakfast, they start the day ready to learn. Some students skip breakfast at home because they are not hungry when they first wake up. Many families find it difficult for their children to get up, dressed, fed, and off to school. When parents rely on the School Breakfast Program, they can be assured that their child will receive a healthy breakfast every day. Any school can offer school breakfast and any child can participate! Click here to learn more about helping your child succeed at school!

FREE School Meals through September 1 - June, 2023!

USDA has announced that all breakfast and lunch meals for ALL school children will be FREE starting the first day of school through June, 2023! Click here to learn more.

Online Menus and Nutrition Information for ALL Schools

Click here to access the online nutrition information by school.  Select your school then select your menu.  If you want to just print the menu, click on the links below.


We can post allergies on your child’s profile. Please provide the nurses at your school information about an allergy your student has. In order for us to consider this as a valid allergy we must have a doctor’s note stating the child has an allergy. We will only post valid allergies on your student account. We hope this helps provide a safe eating environment for your student and can relieve some of the stress parents feel about allergy situations at school.