Opt in for School Based COVID Testing

If you are interested in having your child participate, please read the following information and complete the consent form (link is below). If we do not have parental consent to test, we will be forced to send unvaccinated close contacts home. Below, again, is the information regarding this program with the link.
Symptomatic Testing

Under this program, we will be able to test staff, and students (with the consent of a parent or guardian) who may become symptomatic in school. Staff, and students with very mild symptoms and a negative COVID test, may be allowed to stay in school.

Test and Stay

In addition, staff, and students who may be deemed “close contacts” to a COVID positive person in school, can opt to be tested daily in school for at least five days. If the test is negative and there are no symptoms present, staff, and students will be allowed to stay in school. 


The testing that is being offered will not allow us to test students or staff who become symptomatic outside of school or become a close contact to someone who is COVID positive in a setting other than school.  Please do not send your child to school if he or she is not feeling well.

Parent/Guardian Consent

In order to implement these programs, we must receive consent from parents or guardians in order for any child to be tested.  If you would like your child to participate in the testing and monitoring that these programs will provide, please follow this link to the consent form and complete the form for your child(ren).  If you do not complete the consent form or deny consent through the form, we will not include your child in any of the testing that will be offered.

If you provide consent, please note that you will be providing consent for Symptomatic Testing, Test and Stay and Routine COVID Safety Checks(formerly named Pooled Testing). However, at this time, the Auburn Public Schools has only opted to offer the Symptomatic and Test and Stay options.

If you are registering your child(ren), please select ‘sign consent for a minor’ and enter the requested information.  If you have more than one child, please complete a form for each child.

Once into the consent portal, you have the option to select languages other than English for the translation of the consent form.

Please complete the consent form as soon as possible so that we can offer a robust response to students.

If you have questions, please reach out to Dr. Beth Chamberland, Superintendent of Schools, at echamberland@auburn.k12.ma.us.