Power UP Auburn 2018: Strengthening the Home-School Connection

Power UP Auburn

Auburn is Powering UP our district's software to make it easier for parents, students, teachers, and administrators to effectively communicate and collaborate, thus further strengthening the opportunity for student success. These programs will work together to provide parents with streamlined access to their child's school data.


PowerSchool is the central information system for the APS School District. PowerSchool will manage nearly all of our District's student data and will provide a robust portal system for parents to connect to the critical information about their children.


Schoology will be our new learning management platform for all students in Auburn. Through Schoology, teachers will be able to assign and collect student work through a full featured online classroom that will be accessible to parents as well.

Campus Suite

Campus Suite will be the new APS District web page system. This summer, Auburn will unveil a new, modern website that is carefully designed and implemented to make it easy to find all the critical information about our school district.