Auburn 2020 Citizens Leadership Academy

The Town of Auburn is pleased to announce its 3rd annual Citizens Leadership Academy to inform and educate residents on the operations of Town government in order to provide a greater understanding of their local government and to stimulate future interest in serving on boards and commissions.


The Citizens Leadership Academy is a eleven-week series of informative, educational and interactive sessions to inform participants of the intricacies of Auburn’s municipal government through presentations, documents, tours, demonstrations and activities to help develop an understanding of various town operations, programs and services.  Our goal is to infuse an interest in and deeper understanding of local government and to hopefully aid in the development of a future pool of informed residents who are willing to serve as local leaders on boards, committees and commissions within the Auburn community.


The second Citizens Leadership Academy is scheduled to run on Thursdays beginning March 26, 2020 through June 04, 2020 from 6:00-8:30 PM.


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