District People

Alison Bell

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Brenda Bessette

Administrative Assistant to the Guidance Office

Lisa Carpenter

Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal

Rich Case


Cindy Cournoyer

COTA-Occupational Therapist Assistant, COTA/L

Alison DeLuca

Special Education Teacher/Dept. Chair

Maureen Elliott

Technology Support Assistant

Kate Flynn

Administrative Assistant to Director of Pupil Services

Donna Gates

Special Education Teacher, Moderate Special Needs Teacher

Erin Goyette

Teacher - Intensive Special Needs

Amanda Green

Physical Education Teacher

Emma Hale

Instructional Assistant

Heather Harriman

Diagnostic & Eval Staff, Team Chairperson

Renee Hosegood

Behavior Assistant

Kelly Johnson

Title One Math Paraprofessional

Ester Kim

Speech Pathologist, Other Related SPED

Susan Krikorian

Instructional Assistant, Paraprofessional

Susan J. Krikorian

Occupational Therapist, OTR for District

Alicia Lapomardo

School Psychologist, School Psychologist K-5

Kerry LeBreton

Technology Teacher, Technology Media Specialist

Cecile Leufstedt

Assistant to the Director of Food Services

Rachel Loew

Diagnostic & Eval Staff, SPED Team Chair

Linda Loughlin

Central Office Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent

Elizabeth Lynch

Payroll/Business Assistant

Jennifer McMenemy

Moderate Special Needs Teacher

Kyle Moriarty

Teacher - Physical Education

Sharil Morin

Accounts Payable/Business Assistant

Margaret Murphy

Literacy Instructional Assistant

Nancy Murphy

Administrative Assistant

Debra Nawn

Administrative Assistant to the Athletic/Music Dept.

Vicki Nett

BCBA, Other Related SPED

Sharon O'Connell

Administrative Assistant to the Athletic/Music Dept.

Wayne Page

Vice Chairperson, School Committee

Michael Roy

Instructional Assistant

Ann Shane

Teacher - Physical Education

Stephanie Stokes

Cafeteria Assistant

Gregory Walton

Director of Special Education, Co-Team Chairperson

Ann Williams

Special Education Teacher

Mandy Williams

Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Ailaine Zautner

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Recording Secretary to the School Committee