Annual 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

Auburn Middle School is thrilled to once again be able to offer our 8th graders the unique opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. This trip serves as a very special opportunity for our students to learn in a hands-on manner about the history and government of the United States of America.  Auburn is one of the few local districts that offers this amazing experience. We view it as a privilege for us and for our students.

Because the Washington D.C. trip is such a rare privilege and because it is an overnight trip, we feel it is necessary to communicate with the students early in the school year about the type of behavior required to participate. Obviously, we will not be able to take any student who has proven to be consistently disruptive, unsafe or unreliable.  Additionally, students must be in good academic standing (70 average or above in all courses) and have good school attendance throughout the year. The final decision on who attends the trip rests with the school administration.

Because students are required to make deposits for the trip ahead of time, they are subject to the tour company’s cancellation policy if unable to attend for disciplinary or academic reasons.  Fox Tours will issue a full refund if a student is withdrawn from the trip at least thirty days prior to departure. Cancellations inside thirty days will be subject to additional expenses incurred.  Cancellations 72 hours prior to departure will receive no refunds.

For many years, the 8th grade staff at AMS has heard time and again from former students how much fun they had and how much they learned on the Washington D.C trip. We are hopeful to be able to take all of our students with us, and we look forward to providing another great experience.

Download the registration paperwork.