Fine Arts at Bryn Mawr: Visual Art and Music

Mrs. Deborah Hughes Johnson, Visual Art

Ms. Maria Garrow, Music, PK-5 Fine Arts Director


Bryn Mawr's Fine Arts Program consists of 1 instructional period of Visual Art weekly and 2 half hour instructional periods of Music weekly.

Students show off their talent and skill at many events, performances, and shows throughout each school year!

- Annual Holiday Programs

-Festival of the Arts, STEM, and Wellness

- Community outreach opportunities, such as cards for soldiers, poster contests, and singing in civic events



Congratulations to all of our artists and musicians who participated in the Festival of the Arts, STEM, and Wellness!

MAY 2019

Friday, May 24th, 9:30 - Memorial Day Program - All are invited to attend!

Auburn’s Fine Arts Department continues to impress all of us with its talents. Please feel free to continue to visit this page for updated information.