Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (P.B.I.S.)

P.B.I.S. is a school-wide approach to behavior management that has a common vision and uses common language. Students are explicitly taught the behavioral expectations for all school areas. Families are informed and engaged. Our goal is to create a supportive learning environment that is predictable, consistent, positive and safe for all.

Behavior Purpose Statement

Bryn Mawr Elementary School is a positive and respectful community that promotes healthy development. Together, teachers, students and families share the responsibility for everyone’s learning in a safe environment.

  • We are like a family at Bryn Mawr. Together we discover, learn and grow with respect.
  • We live by the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

Behavior Expectations

Bryn Mawr Elementary School has three school-wide behavioral expectations:

  1. I am safe.
  2. I am respectful.
  3. I am responsible.