Drama Club

The Drama Department at AHS was extremely successful in its two productions this year! 12 Angry Jurors (also known as 12 Angry Men)  was performed in the fall and the spring musical was Mary Poppins.  The fall production was performed four times by two different casts over the course of one weekend in the fall. It was the first (non-musical) play the Drama Department has put on in years, and it will be sticking with the two-show roster for years to come!

The spring musical, Mary Poppins rounded out a successful year of productions for the dedicated students who love to perform for their peers and community. The show was a smash hit, selling out two of the three total shows. For the first time ever, the Drama Department hired a professional flying company to make the musical even more magical! A select few members of the crew and director Mr. LaPete were trained by a representative of the company on how to use the equipment and handle it properly, and the show went off without a hitch! Music director Mrs. Bailey headed up the pit band, who played behind a curtain on the stage. The pit band was composed of local professional musicians and members of the AHS student body. Keep an eye out for the reveal of next year’s shows!

Advisor: Mr. LaPete (1079)