Fish and Game Club

Auburn High School's Fish and Game Club is designed to be a meeting place for students interested in fishing and hunting related activities. Members of the club meet regularly to discuss fishing and hunting opportunities. Some members tie flies after school to use while fishing. The club holds an annual ice fishing event and usually takes a conservation related field trip in the spring of each year.

Advisors: Mr. Pratt & Mr. Blackwood

2014 Ice Fishing Event

This year's AHS ice fishing event was held on Sunday, February 2 at Eddy Pond.  Approximately 20 students fished this year, with several nice fish brought to the ice. Josh Furmanick won first place and a free AHS fish and game club t-shirt with his 18.25" Pickeral. Club president John Bylund iced the second place fish, a 17" Pickeral. With close to 10" of ice and temperatures near 50 degrees it was one of the best days for ice fishing we have had in years. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who attended!

2013 Fish and Game Club Ice Fishing

Sunday, January 27 was the make up date of the annual AHS ice fishing event. We had 11 students arrive at Eddy pond at 6:30 am. Holes were drilled, traps were set, and the fun began. A variety of venison, meatballs, sausage, hot dogs, and other food were cooked by President Peter Colebrook and John Wambach.  Numerous fish were pulled through the ice, with the largest two both being pickerel. Matt Lavallee took second place with a 15" specimen, and Tyler Ducharme took top prize with his 20" trophy. Congratulations to both those young men, who will be seen around the halls of AHS with their AHS Fish and Game Club t-shirts that were awarded as prizes.