New at Swanson 

Going Green at the Swanson Road Intermediate School

September 2018

Swanson Road Intermediate School is undertaking initiatives to decrease the use of disposables in the school and act more strategically in the cafeteria, by introducing a NEW pilot program.

Schools across the country are seeking ways to decrease waste and become better stewards of our land and resources.  This began as a SWIS student centered initiative and has continued to gather support from many stakeholders.  A district Go Green committee has met to brainstorm first steps in framing a pilot program at SWIS.

What does it mean to become “A Green School?”   Greening the landscape and culture in a school and community is a dynamic process and includes reviewing how resources are utilized.  Asking the questions, “Are we utilizing renewable resources,” and “Are the resources we use sustainable”?   

This fall SWIS will begin a few initiatives to focus on Greening SWIS!   School Tower Gardens will be growing produce and herbs for the SWIS School Nutrition Program. These towers may be seen in the hallways and cafeteria of the school. We will next start a pilot program in food services that will eliminate all plastic 8 oz. water bottles (which previously had been a student beverage choice during lunch) and instead students will have the choice of three types of milk or to fill a personal water bottle from filtered water dispensers installed throughout our school and in the cafeteria.  Instead of disposable forks and spoons, washable dinnerware will be provided for student meals.  Additionally, we will be utilizing a new post-consumer disposable tray, when lunch service necessitates the use of a disposable tray.  In the past, food services had utilized, on a limited basis, a disposable Styrofoam tray.  We are very excited to start our “Greening SWIS” process and hope you will join us in supporting our green initiatives.  The start date of the transition will be this Monday, September 10th.  

Additionally, for those interested, “SWIS” washable, BPA-free, bottles will be on sale during recess next Friday, September 14th.  The cost will be $2.00 per bottle.  Any profit made from the sale of these bottles will be returned to our SWIS Student Activities fund.

Thank you for your support as we move forward, creating a ‘Greener School.’

Yours in Education,

Dr. Lopez